#latergram from when I met @rinrindoll and had lunch with her and @drbabycuddles back in July! 💕 She was the sweetest and I’m so lucky to get to be her kouhai! 😍 (at 竹下通り Takeshita Street)
5 notes / September 19, 2014

今日原宿でファッションナイトアウトと言うチャリティイベントがあって、ラフォーレのアンジェリックプリティに行ってきた! 💕🎀💕 あすかさんとまきさんがいて、写真を撮ってもらいました!♡ そして、まきさんにスナップも撮らせていただいた!! ☺✨ 他の人と比べるとすごいしょぼい格好やけど、それでも嬉しかった! 😍 Went to the VOGUE Fashion Night Out event in Harajuku today. I got to FINALLY meet Maki and Asuka and they were so lovely! ☺💖 Maki asked to take a snap of me and I was really flattered since everyone else was super adorbs! 💕✨😘 I even got my hair done so I could be Sailor Moon. Pics to come later! 😉 (at Angelic Pretty 東京店)
24 notes / September 7, 2014

Finally got a #instax #polaroid #camera this past week!! My danna convinced me based on price, getting the #littletwinstars version was more worth it than a regular one and decking it out. So I’ve been making lots of cute memories before I have to go back for awhile. この前やっとチェキを買って、今思い出を作るためにめっちゃ楽しんでる!!アメリカに帰る前できるだけ楽しい思い出を作りたい♡ またすぐ日本に戻るけど笑 😂💕🎀 (at ヨドバシ梅田)
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ホームステイの子にリボンアレンジをしてもらった!♡ My homestay kid styled my hair into a ribbon hehehe. 😍🎀💕 (at Kishiwada, Osaka)
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ホームステイの @akiho2091 のお母さんに初めてのマニペディやってもらったんだ!!♡ 桜柄でキラキラもやってもらって、めっちゃ嬉しい!ホームステイも初めてやからめっちゃ緊張してたんやけど、もう家族のみんな好きすぎてめっちゃ楽しんでるわ!!サロン行こうと思ったやけど、要らん!めっちゃ可愛くしてくれてもー淀川の準備終了! 😍✨ My homestay mom gave me my first #manipedi and now I’m ready for the matsuri after my job ends! I was so worried at first since it’s my first time doing homestay but I love this family so much. They treat me like their own and I couldn’t be happier with any other family. I’m enjoying my time with them so much and I appreciate all the things they’ve done for me! 😭💕✨
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